Russell Reynolds Associates Launches Research Center


The CEO Update | March 4, 2016

The CEO Update article, "Russell Reynolds Associates Launches Research Center," looks at the creation of The Center for Leadership Insight. Dean Stamoulis, who heads up the Center, is interviewed about the plans for the Center.

Executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates has created a research group to aggregate its data on the attributes of successful leaders and identify trends and themes. The Center for Leadership Insight is headed by Dean Stamoulis from the firm’s Atlanta Office.

Among white papers planned this year is one on the psychology of trade association CEOs including insights on how best to select an association’s next leader, Stamoulis told CEO Update. That study will be conducted in conjunction with the firm’s Washington, D.C.-based association practice, headed by Stephanie Tomasso.

“We feel there’s a lot of mythology out there about CEOs and senior-most leaders and we have two advantages at Russell Reynolds Associates: One is our senior-level access, and two is the psychometric data we collect as a part of our search and succession work.”

Russell Reynolds, like some other search firms, puts executive job candidates through extensive psychological testing, leaving a trail of the traits possessed by those CEOs who succeed and those who don’t. The aggregated results of those tests now will be fodder for the firm’s research, which will be available to the public, Stamoulis said.

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Russell Reynolds Associates Launches Research Center