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July/August 2012 Newsletter

Lessons in Leadership from Rose Marie Bravo, director on the boards of Tiffany, Estée Lauder and Williams-Sonoma, and former CEO of Burberry

Rose Marie Bravo TBD Leadership in the Field is a series of video interviews with global leaders. In this month's feature, Rose Marie Bravo, director on the boards of Tiffany, Estée Lauder and Williams-Sonoma, discusses leveraging the board, in-demand directors and the importance of non-executive chairmen. 
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Essential Elements of an Effective CEO-Board Relationship

CEO/Board Relationship

Clearly defined relationships between the CEO, the chairman and the board are critical to an organization’s overall performance. Our Global CEO and Board Services practice identifies 25 essential elements of CEO-Board relationships that contribute to effective corporate governance and superior results. Read more >>

Nine Attributes That Differentiate CEOs

CEO Competencies TBD

Becoming a CEO is the greatest career leap an executive can make. What makes it such an extraordinary transition is the complexity of the role and the skills required to be successful. So what exactly do CEOs have that other leaders don’t? Read more >>


Featured Resource

Do You Have The Digital Leaders You Need?

HBRTuck Rickards and Jeffrey Rayport’s blog on defines what “digital” means in terms of board expertise, and examines the nine F500 boards identified as highly digital. This timely discussion provides guidance for boards as they assess their need for digital leadership in the boardroom and the c-suite. Read more >> 

RRA in the News


Clarke MurphyThe Board’s Role in the Search for a Non-Family CEO
Clarke Murphy, CEO of Russell Reynolds Associates, outlines factors the board must consider when bringing in a non-family CEO to run a family-influenced company. Read more >>

FTRegion Reduces Its Reliance on Expatriates
The Financial Times quotes Elisa Hukins on leadership strategies in China and features the Russell Reynolds Associates’ white paper "Six Talent Dilemmas Facing Multinational Corporations in China." 


Information AgeThe Changing Landscape of Life Sciences
A La Carte Life Sciences interviews Christopher Burrows, Russell Reynolds Associates, on the changing landscape of life sciences. Read more >>



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RRAonLeadership: Effective CEO and Board Leadership