Remote Work Requires Reviewing HR Policies

Increasing the number of employees in permanent remote work environments demands rethinking benefits and engagement, according to experts

Valor Econômico | October 8, 2020

The Valor Econômico article, “Remote Work Requires Reviewing HR Policies," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Tatyana Araujo de Freitas on the effects of working remotely long-term. A translated excerpt of the article is below.

The practice of extending remote work requires care from leaders and employees. "The entire corporate market is still in the process of understanding what it is like to have most employees working remotely," says Tatyana Freitas, a partner at Russell Reynolds Associates consultancy. According to her, companies need to be aware of time and task limitations. “We are already seeing cases of professional burnout."​

It is also essenti​al to maintain connection in the virtual environment, so that the company can foster engagement between teams. "Nobody can feel distanced or alienated from operations."

Regarding the benefits for employees wo​rking from home, the specialist believes that each employee's experience is individual and dependent upon their unique situation.

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Remote Work Requires Reviewing HR Policies