Reconstructing Sustainable Growth of Organizations


Digital Business Times | September 7, 2020

The Digital Business Times article, “Reconstructing Sustainable Growth of Organizations,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Grace Cheng on how organizations should reshape sustainable growth in uncertain times. A translated excerpt of the article is below.

The development of organizations and the progress of business cannot only rely on the innovation of business models, the value of corporate culture often helps organizations get out of difficulties in tough times. Nowadays organizations need a mindset of reconstructing business order from the "sustainability" of people to the "sustainability" of organizations. Most importantly, the more companies and the more people adhere to this philosophy, the sooner our society will be back to normal and a new order will eventually take shape.

A report jointly issued by Russell Reynolds and UNGC shows that: commitment to sustainability is at an all-time high. 92% of CEOs believe integration of sustainability will be important to the future success of their business. However, there is a gap between rhetoric and reality. Only 48% of CEOs say they are implementing sustainability in their daily operations, and only 21% of CEOs feel that business is currently playing a critical role in achieving the SDGs.

Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Grace Cheng emphasized in an interview that “the most senior leaders of the organization – the CEO, their executive team and the board – are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the organization. They alone are uniquely positioned to drive the transformation needed by integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations in a manner that supports the long-term viability of the business. This requires full ownership by the top leadership team.”

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Reconstructing Sustainable Growth of Organizations