Real Estate Firms Still Hiring, But Cautiously


Real Estate Alert | April 27, 2016

The Real Estate Alert article, "Real Estate Firms Still Hiring, But Cautiously," quotes Russell Reynolds Associates' Debra Barbanel about the state of hiring for real estate professionals. The article is excerpted below. 

The job market for real estate professionals remains strong, recruiters say, but employers are hiring more carefully than they did during the last boom. Executive search firms report full pipelines of assignments as real estate companies continue to add staff, particularly for asset management and development. Competition for top talent is stiff, as unemployment in the sector is minimal.


In some cases, meanwhile, employers that hired in haste during the rebound are looking to replace staffers who didn’t work out.


To that end, companies are doing more due diligence on prospective hires and requesting more-thorough assessments of their staffing needs and options. “The real estate industry is behaving more like the Fortune 500 companies,” noted Debra Barbanel, who leads the global real estate practice at Russell Reynolds Associates.

To read the full article, which is behind a paywall, click here.


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Real Estate Firms Still Hiring, But Cautiously