Psychological support from companies to employees


Ekonomist | May 18, 2020

The Ekonomist article, "Psychological support from companies to employees,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Burak Gorbon on the responsibility of leaders to provide a continuous and regular flow of information to employees during the pandemic.  A translated excerpt of the article is below.

Psychological Support from Companies to Employees!
The coronavirus pandemic, which has turned the entire order from social life to business life upside down, has also negatively affected the psychology of many people. It is unclear when this will end, and companies that have taken action to support their employees have begun to take special measures.

With the coronavirus outbreak, a new era has begun for companies and employees. Many companies have switched to working from home. Companies providing technical infrastructure for working from home have now begun to take action to protect the psychology of employees during this period.  Companies are developing special projects for employees facing many new issues such as working from home, productivity, and work-life balance.

“We are in a very rapid adaptation process, especially when it comes to working from home. Although the home working model gives employees flexibility in certain areas, uncertainty about how long the current situation will continue to cause stress for employees,” says Burak Gorbon, of Russell Reynolds Associates. For this reason, he states that it is important for managers to implement suggestions and practices that will allow their employees to regulate their work-life balance.

According to experts, uncertainty raises concern among employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Pointing out that silence in a turbulent period will be interpreted as very bad news, Burak Gorbon states that it is the responsibility of leaders to provide a continuous and regular flow of information. Given that the culture and values of an institution are tested in turbulent times, experts determine that the steps taken by companies will play a decisive role in their relations with their employees in the long term.

To read the full article in its original Turkish, click here.

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Psychological support from companies to employees