Professional Services CEOs are Hot Property

More than half of senior executives working in the sector get approached with external job opportunities at least six times a year.

Chief Executive | February 13, 2017

The Chief Executive article, "Professional Services CEOs are Hot Property," features Russell Reynolds Associates' research, "Leadership Jumping Ship: Attracting and retaining the best performers at professional services firms." The article is excerpted below.   

Most people might consider themselves lucky to be approached by a headhunter one or twice a year. Not so if you’re an executive in the professional services sector, which is weathering a major talent shortage of experts on everything from accountancy to cybercrime.

A survey of 333 American senior executives working in the sector by Russell Reynolds found only 3% hadn’t been offered any external opportunities in the past year. Of the rest, 17% had received between one and three approaches and 27% between four and six. Almost a fifth of respondents had received a staggering 15 approaches or more.


According to the Russell Reynolds survey, respondents considered a more interesting and challenging role to be the most important factor when accepting a career move, ahead of clear career advancement opportunities and having a more senior title. Getting more money came last, at 11th place.

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Professional Services CEOs are Hot Property