Personality Traits of an Exceptionally Strong CMO


Forbes | December 27, 2016

The Forbes article, “Personality Traits of an Exceptionally Strong CMO​," featured the findings from the firm’s research on "Inside the Mind of the Chief Marketing Officer​." The article is excerpted below.​

Do our personality traits determine our success? According to a recent study by Russell Reynolds, an executive search firm, the answer may be yes.​

The consulting firm compared the results of chief marketing officers (CMOs) in online psychometric testing to those in other C-suite positions. The results, outlined in its publication, Inside the Mind of the Chief Marketing Officer, were fascinating.​

CMOs, as it turns out, do have a personality type–and according to the report, they tend to be the most extreme members of the executive offices. This is unsurprising, since they are often the players who drive digital innovation. On the other hand, this makes them more likely to clash with other members in the workplace.​​

What other personality traits do successful chief marketing officers tend to have? Take a look… some may surprise you.​

Learn the Value of CMOs

CMOs display stronger traits than other executives do–they tend to be more innovative and unconventional. They’re also more imaginative, displaying 49 percent more imagination than other executives, according to the report. CMOs are also 34 percent more likely to take initiative and test limits, making them more prone to fighting with more bottom-line driven members of the organization, like the chief financial officer (CFO).​

The research comparing the CMO to the CFO is particularly enlightening. According to their more conservative counterparts, CMOs are 40 percent more unconventional, 29 percent more innovative, 60 percent more imaginative, and 30 percent more likely to test limits. While companies may work to stifle the tension that can arise between these two, it can be productive to consider their opposing views as an asset, not a liability. The “diversity of mind” approach allows companies to have the best of both worlds, driving innovation while mitigating risk.​​​

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Personality Traits of an Exceptionally Strong CMO