Payers Shake Up Recruiting to Stress Work-Life Balance, Employee Accommodation


Health Payer Specialist | January 13, 2021

The Health Payer Specialist article, "Payers Shake Up Recruiting to Stress Work-Life Balance, Employee Accommodation​," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Ben Grover on how health insurance companies are adapting to better accommodate employees and culture in the pandemic-era. The article is excerpted below.

Remote work and hybrid work – combining in-person and offsite work – are expected to be the new normals for health insurance companies in 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape workplace talent trends.
Ben Grover, a consultant in the health services practice of the New York-based executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, says insurers often “still desire to have their senior team together. They hope to one day get back to water cooler interactions.”
A virtual reality
Doing virtual recruiting and hiring “has brought some efficiency to our process,” as recruiters and candidates no longer have to travel around the country, Grover says.

For executives who are hired from other parts of the country, there is an expectation they will move to their new location “but there’s more flexibility on when and how it happens,” Grover says.
Diversity and inclusion
Grover agrees. “With every conversation there is a huge focus in making sure there is diversity within the slate” of candidates, he says.
Some insurers are reviewing their job descriptions to improve attracting diverse talent, Grover says, looking at such things as the pronouns and job requirements in the descriptions. Insurers need to consider if they are “scoping people in or scoping people out,” Grover says.

In some cases, they are simply scouting talent, rather than trying to find someone to fill a particular role, he says.

If a candidate has great skills, they will “create room and capacity for the individual,” Grover says.
Hiring is hot again
At the executive level, there is demand for leaders with customer service experience, or with strong technology skills, given the boom in telehealth and digital healthcare due to the pandemic, Grover says.

That might mean turning to more candidates with expertise outside the insurance industry, Grover says. For insurers looking for hires with a customer service focus, “there is likely some talent within the hospitality and travel industry that has been displaced.”

While some executives are considering job changes, “there is a subset of folks who feel very dedicated to their organization that want to see them through to the end of the pandemic,” Grover says.

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Payers Shake Up Recruiting to Stress Work-Life Balance, Employee Accommodation