Payer Execs Urged to Treat Employees 'Compassionately' During Crisis


Health Payer Specialist | April 22, 2020

The Health Payer Specialist article, “Payer Execs Urged to Treat Employees 'Compassionately' During Crisis,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Laura Mantoura on the importance of hearing from leaders at the top during these uncertain times. The article is excerpted below.

As health insurance executives work to navigate the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial for them to demonstrate compassion for their employees and to try to create some stability, experts say.

Communication Is Imperative

Effective communication is essential during this time of uncertainty. Employees “need to hear from people at the top,” says Laura Mantoura, a consultant at the New York-based executive search firm Russell Reynolds.

But because of all the unknowns surrounding COVID-19, leaders “need to make quick decisions with imperfect data,” Mantoura says. As the situation evolves and more information becomes available, good leaders must be able to change course as needed, she says.

It’s also important to convey compassion during this time. That “will really drive loyalty, and employees are going to remember this,” Mantoura says.

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Payer Execs Urged to Treat Employees 'Compassionately' During Crisis