Nutanix teams up with Digital China to tap into cloud market


China Daily | July 25, 2019

The China Daily article, “Nutanix teams up with Digital China to tap into cloud market,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jeffrey Cheng on the growing trend of Chinese companies adopting new technologies to improve efficiency. The article is excerpted below.

Nutanix Inc, a US-based cloud computing software company, on Wednesday signed an agreement with Chinese leading integrated IT services provider Digital China, marking the latest move to further tap into the blossoming Chinese market for cloud services.

The company announced Digital China has become its latest general distributor in China. And the two firms will work together to offer enterprise customers more simplified and convenient cloud management services and applications.


With booming cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies, an increasing number of Chinese companies are gearing up for digital transformation, and are starting to move their traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud to increase their business efficiency and agility.

Jeffrey Cheng, a member of corporate officers of global leadership advisory and search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, highlighted the growing trend, and said using new technologies will help companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and avoid risks.

"Compared to some advanced countries, China is an emerging internet power that more willingly adopts new technologies," Cheng noted.

"Buoyed by the supportive government policies and the blossoming new technologies, more Chinese companies are actively embracing digital transformation. Our research showed around 80 percent of Chinese companies said they have prepared to work on digital transformation."

According to Cheng, Chinese consumers' rapidly changing demands also require a real-time response, which means companies need to adopt new technologies like cloud, big data and artificial intelligence to predict consumer behavior.

"Actually, most Chinese firms are aware that only by embracing the digital transformation can they avoid future risks and gain an edge in the fierce competition in the future. And they will spend more money on new technologies, such as cloud services and big data," Cheng added.

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Nutanix teams up with Digital China to tap into cloud market