'No One Has Dealt With Something Like This Since 9/11'


Institutional Investor | March 16, 2020

Institutional Investor

The Institutional Investor article, 'No one Has Dealt With Something Like This Since 9/11,' quoted Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy in his letter on leading in a pandemic. The article is excerpted below.

How does a Wall Street bank or major nonprofit hire an executive if they can’t meet in person?

The answer, recruiters said, is that they probably don’t.

Both Prince and Barrett came out of the same recruiting talent factory: New York-based Russell Reynolds Associates. The CEO of that head-hunting giant published stern guidance Friday.

“External hiring for top talent is about to get much harder” for recruiters and their clients, CEO Clarke Murphy wrote. “In environments characterized by extreme uncertainty and risk, high performers in stable roles often become highly risk averse and unwilling to risk a transition, even when unsatisfied with their current situation. Many forecasters believe that we are heading toward a buyer’s market for talent. We are not.”

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'No One Has Dealt With Something Like This Since 9/11'