New pattern key direction of blueprint


China Daily | October 29, 2020

The China Daily article, “New pattern key direction of blueprint," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy on the enormous potential for the Chinese market seeing as how they have made considerable progress to control the pandemic. The article is excerpted below.

Clarke Murphy, CEO of global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates, said the company sees enormous potential for the Chinese market given the considerable progress the country has made in preventing and controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think this interest in learning new ways to do things has really invigorated Chinese executives and Chinese companies, as well as non-Chinese companies investing in China," said Murphy. "The fact that China would create more markets, more industry segments for foreign investment will be encouraging to global investors."

Murphy said the company has great confidence in the Chinese market over the next several years.

"The speed and scale with which China can try new technologies and new processes and learn from that scale to adapt how its companies run is rather incredible," he added. "We will continue to develop our teams of people focused on domestic Chinese companies."

To read the full article, click here​.

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New pattern key direction of blueprint