Nearly 90% of Overseas Chinese Executives Consider Taking a Job Based in China


Yicai | April 15, 2021

The Yicai article, "Nearly 90% of overseas Chinese executives consider taking a job based in China," was based on the Russell Reynolds  Associates paper,"The Return of the Overseas Chinese Leader: Strategies for Success.​" The article is excerpted below.

More than 60 million China-born professionals now live and work overseas. The number continues to rise, as more Chinese are studying or building their careers abroad. As a result, experienced executives who understand both China and international business are becoming a crucial element of continued growth and success. 

To better understand the career paths and motivations of overseas Chinese leaders, as well as how China-based firms can attract and retain this talent pool, Russell Reynolds Associates analyzed the profiles of over 400 Chinese leaders who are currently residing outside of China. We also surveyed and interviewed 50 overseas Chinese executives to get a broader perspective on their career preferences. 

This research revealed that nearly 90 percent of senior overseas Chinese leaders would consider returning to China to work. But based on our research, we also identify three common challenges: 

  • Nearly 50 percent of senior overseas Chinese leaders are concerned about the differences between Western and Chinese corporate cultures
  • Perceptions of the living conditions in China are also a concern for about 50 percent of leaders surveyed
  • More practically, around 30 percent of overseas Chinese leaders we surveyed had taken up citizenship of the country in which they have been residing – and others are hesitant to move back because of their children's education or other family

To read the full article in Chinese, click here​.

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Nearly 90% of Overseas Chinese Executives Consider Taking a Job Based in China