Nation shifting to high-quality development

Xi's remarks at symposium bolster firms' confidence, say execs, experts

China Daily | July 23, 2020

The China Daily article, “Nation shifting to high-quality development,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy​ on why a strong Chinese market is beneficial to the global economy. The article is excerpted below.

China's move from export-driven growth to promoting the integration of the domestic and overseas markets reflects the country's shift to nurturing new edges in global competitiveness and fostering high-quality development despite the headwinds it faces, experts and business executives said on Wednesday.


Clarke Murphy, CEO of global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates, said the company sees enormous potential in the Chinese market. "We have been very dedicated to China for the past decades and will continue to be, particularly as the world is smaller and more interconnected."

"The Chinese market and relationships with Chinese companies are very important to the global economy. Sophisticated global investors will always want to be successful in China. The fact that China would create more markets and more industry segments for foreign investment will be encouraging to global investors, and younger Chinese executives want to be part of global enterprises so they can learn and grow themselves," Murphy added.

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Nation shifting to high-quality development