More Women on Swiss Administrative Boards


RTS | May 22, 2019


The RTS article, “More Women on Swiss Administrative Boards,” featured the firm's research. The article is excerpted below.  

More Women on Swiss Administrative Boards

The share of women on the administrative boards of Swiss companies has risen in recent years to around a quarter, but only one occupies the position of president in SMI-listed companies.

Among the 20 companies listed in the flagship index of the Swiss Stock Exchange (SMI), 55 positions out of 206 on the administrative boards are occupied by women, according to a study published Monday by the recruitment firm Russell Reynolds Associates. Their share has increased in two years from 21% to 27%, said the author of the study who examined 18 general meetings held this year.

The differences are, however, great. While nine SMI companies have exceeded 30% - including Zurich Insurance with 45% and Swatch with 40% - others are less egalitarian. SGS (10%) and Sika (13%) have only one female administrator.

Variation by Sector

Some sectors are ahead of others, notably those of technology, with 33%, financial services and industry (25%), and professional services (22%).

This percentage is nevertheless lower than other countries such as Germany, where it reaches 30% in the supervisory boards of Dax 30 companies. A law, however, forced German companies to adapt the composition of their supervisory bodies, Russell Reynolds Associates stated.

A Female President

Very few women in SMI-listed companies occupy the position of president of the administrative board.

There is even only one woman who currently occupies such position in Switzerland. It is Nayla Hayek, sister of Nick Hayek, who is president of the administrative board of the Swatch Group.

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More Women on Swiss Administrative Boards