Managers realizing that a new world needs new people


Pensions & Investments | April 1, 2019

The Pensions & Investments article, “Managers realizing that a new world needs new people," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Debra Brown on the demand for diversity in the investment management industry. The article is excerpted below.

In response to systemic changes in the investment management industry, a cadre of money managers is training a laser focus on attracting and retaining quantitative specialists, data scientists, ESG aficionados, portfolio constructionists, and more women, minorities and people with diverse backgrounds.

Demand has sharpened for next-generation investment talent — both in terms of age and skill set — from investment firms intent on reshaping their businesses to meet new investor needs and to thrive in tougher market conditions.


"Demand is constant" from investment firms for specialist environmental, social and governance portfolio managers and researchers, as well as for female and minority candidates who add diversity to the employee base, said Debra J. Brown, managing director in the investment practice of executive recruiter Russell Reynolds Associates Inc., New York.

"Firms are still struggling with the diversity equation at senior levels," she added, noting that inclusion also has been "a key theme on the retention front. The demand for ESG has historically been an institutional phenomenon but now is much more common in retail offerings."

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Managers realizing that a new world needs new people