Life Insurers Ramp Up Hiring Activity, with Focus on Marketing


Life Annuity Specialist | September 1, 2017

The Life Annuity Specialist article, “Life Insurers Ramp Up Hiring Activity, with Focus on Marketing,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Dave Seeley
 about the uptick in hiring activity within the life insurance industry. The article is excerpted below. 

Hiring activity is picking up in the life insurance industry, and there is no greater hot spot than the sales and marketing department, a new study from insurance recruiting firm The Jacobson Group shows.


Other recruiters agree. Dave Seeley, a consultant in the insurance practice for executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, did not comment on the study directly but noted an increase in demand for sales and marketing talent among life insurers.

“The importance around distribution strategies to a new, emerging customer is increasingly top of mind for companies,” Seeley says. “You’re seeing a need for talent that matches that structure going forward.”

Sometimes that talent can be harder to locate because it is coming from other industries that have already adopted digitally-focused sales approaches.

“That’s a completely different sales approach,” Seeley says. “That’s a completely different professional [life insurers] are going after.”

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Life Insurers Ramp Up Hiring Activity, with Focus on Marketing