Level 2 Diversity

Achieving a greater gender and ethnic mix on your board is good. But to really tackle the challenges of business today, the secret weapon is diversity of thought.

Corporate Board Member | October 25, 2019

The Corporate Board Member article, "Level 2 Diversity," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jack "Rusty" O'Kelley III on what makes a good board member. The article is excerpted below.

Corporate boards are pursuing identity diversity in their membership like never before. But, as most directors know, elevating a corporate board in an era of sweeping and rapid change demands, above all else, true diversity of thought. Even that’s not enough: It also requires productive harnessing of that greater variety of thought inside the boardroom.


Rusty O’Kelley, global head of the board advisory practice for Russell Reynolds Associates, agrees. “The most important quality of a good board member is to have good judgment,” he says. “That’s before you get to skills and experience. Can they look at a multitude of new and different challenges that they haven’t been expected to deal with before?”

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Level 2 Diversity