Informal Check-Ins Help With Tricky CEO Evaluations


Agenda | October 29, 2015

The Agenda article, "Informal Check-Ins Help With Tricky CEO Evaluations," quotes Russell Reynolds Associates' Rusty O'Kelley, who shares his insights about the frequency of CEO board evaluations. The following is an excerpt from the article. 

The vast majority of boards formally evalua​te their CEOs at least once a year, but governance experts say more frequent informal feedback is becoming integral to the evaluation process, especially in delicate situations.

Directors and consultants say that informal, semi-frequent discussions about CEO performance can help improve the relationship between boards and their CEOs and mitigate unwelcome surprises at year-end reviews.


Rusty O’Kelley, head of Russell Reynolds' board consulting and evaluation process, says that not only is the annual process in step with the "normal rhythm of evaluations in the professional world," but CEOs need a chance to accomplish a wide set of goals and may not be able to provide much of an update more frequently than once a year.

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Informal Check-Ins Help With Tricky CEO Evaluations