Inclusion still isn't working for many women of color


HR Dive | September 3, 2019

The HR Dive article, "Inclusion still isn't working for many women of color," features the Russell Reynolds Associates paper, "A Leader's Guide: Finding and Keeping Your Next Chief Diversity Officer." The article is excerpted below.

Dive Insight:

The experiences of black women in the workplace could be considered among the painful challenges of D&I initiatives; organizations can have the greatest commitment and intentions only to see D&I efforts end up not serving those they were designed to help. Rather than focus exclusively on how black and Hispanic women feel, organizations may need to uncover the sources of the isolation and exclusion the women say they face.

More companies are beginning to recognize the complexity of the diversity struggle. Nearly half of the organizations surveyed in a recent Russell Reynolds Associates study had a chief diversity officer (CDO). But a CDO is not enough for diversity initiatives to succeed. Such executives also need the resources to make their initiatives a reality that can align more closely with business priorities, the study noted.

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Inclusion still isn't working for many women of color