How to get good IT job references: 6 tips

How do you find good job references for your IT job search? Experts share advice on succeeding during reference checks

The Enterprisers Project | January 30, 2019

The Enterprisers Project article, “How to get good IT job references: 6 tips,” features Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Eric Sigurdson. In it, he emphasizes the importance of good references and provides tips for obtaining them. The article is excerpted below.

Your professional reputation is like your DNA, Russell Reynolds Associates consultant Eric Sigurdson is fond of saying: You can’t change it.

That good name comes into play when potential employers start reaching out to your references. “There is a pattern of your behaviors and performance that everyone around you sees, observes, and evaluates,” Sigurdson says. “It’s important to remember that no matter how well you communicate, how well you position yourself, and how well you sell your capabilities during the hiring process, nothing is as relevant as the perceptions of others you’ve worked with.”

IT job references still matter

Although the process of picking up the phone to actually have a discussion about someone’s performance might seem antiquated in the age of LinkedIn recommendations, Google searches, and treasure troves of digital data on individuals, Sigurdson says that old-fashioned professional references are more in important than ever.

“We live in a complex time and the [IT leadership] job has gotten more and more difficult,” he points out. “Not everyone is great at everything, so it’s really important to try and suss out an individual’s strengths and weakness and be able to hire to support and complement those.” References are the best source of that intelligence.

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How to get good IT job references: 6 tips