Global Board Culture Survey


Fund Board Views | October 26, 2016


The Fund Board Views article, “Global Board Culture Survey," featured the firm’s research on "Global Board Culture Survey Understanding the Behaviors that Drive Board Effectiveness." The article is excerpted below.​

During the summer of 2016, 369 corporate (supervisory) large public company directors from a dozen countries participated in Russell Reynolds Associates’ Global Board Culture Survey. The goal of the survey was to better understand the director behaviors that create a high-performing board culture and drive board effectiveness.​

Directors around the world were surprisingly consistent in the top five behaviors they named as key to a strong culture and an effective board. The survey showed that the attributes that define an effective director transcend cultural and national differences. Five key director behaviors:​

  1. Possess the courage to do the right thing for the right reasons

  2. Willing to constructively challenge management, when appropriate

  3. Demonstrate sound business judgment

  4. Ask the right questions

  5. Possess independent perspective and avoid "group think"

To read the full article, click here. ​​

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Global Board Culture Survey