Getting women on board

Should Singapore have a 20 per cent female board directors target? Why should, or shouldn’t, gender diversity on corporate boards be mandated?

The Business Times | April 3, 2017

The Business Times photo asked business leaders, “Should Singapore have a 20% female board directors target?,” Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Audrey Tan shared her thoughts about board diversity in Singapore. The article is excerpted below.

"It is heartening to see an aspirational target being set and an evolution is underway. Balancing diversity with meritocracy and trust seems to be the battle that we are in. In Asia, bringing in board members that are trusted and known to the board are important criteria. Diversity will bring along differences of opinion to the board which may make a traditional board more resistant to change. Change takes time and unless mandated, the evolution will be slow. With increased complexities and unpredictability in the markets, it is imperative to bring gender diversity into the boardroom to enable effective corporate governance."

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Getting women on board