Gender parity is critical to success in the business


The Business Times | March 15, 2021


The Business Times article, "Gender parity is critical to success in the business​," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Nick Chia​ on how new work norms will help to improve gender equality. The article is excerpted below.

This week's topic: Will new work norms such as the rise of hybrid working and work-from-home help improve gender equality at the workplace?


Nick Chia
Managing Director
Russell Reynolds Associates Singapore

Covid-19 has forced us to question many assumptions about work, one of the biggest being the notion that remote work is less valuable. This has disproportionately impacted those who valued flexible working arrangements - particularly women, caregivers, and individuals who stay far from their office. The past year has demonstrated that outcomes can often be just as good when delivered in person or virtually. This gives me confidence that these new norms will help build more equitable workplace practices and create diverse teams, made up of people who contribute in their own ways, in full- and part-time roles, from the office or home.

To read the article, click here.​

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Gender parity is critical to success in the business