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Fortune Turkey | November 1, 2019

The Fortune Turkey article, "Future Global Leaders," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Burak Gorbon on the talent landscape in Turkey. The article is excerpted below.

Burak Gorbon, the responsible partner for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey for Russell Reynolds Associates, one of the top-level executive placement and assessment companies, says that Russell Reynolds provides services at a different point, supporting the restructuring of international institutions based on 50 years of experience. 

Turkey has become a source of top executives in a wide geographical area, from Eastern Europe to the Persian Gulf. International companies looking for top executives, such as CEO, national manager, general manager, or board member, knock on the door of the headhunters in Turkey. Russell Reynolds, which is in the group called the “Big Four” consisting of businesses that are the best at supplying top-level executives, is one of the companies attracting attention with its investment, because Turkey is a steady market in this regard.


When we meet with Burak Gorbon, who is the head of Russell Reynolds in the Turkey region and is an executive researcher and leadership mentor in 40 countries, including Turkey, he emphasizes that the generation cycle completed successfully is the most critical process that today’s companies are faced with. Gorbon says that strong and competitive local corporations draw attention, not only in big cities, but also in Anatolia. He emphasizes that the local corporations actually have the major market for head hunting and that the family corporations have to add more independent professionals in their management structure in order to rise to the big leagues.


Gorbon, highlights that institutionalization must be designed and reached at a certain point, long before the assignment of a professional manager, and he continues: “The professional manager does not have to be someone from outside. Someone from the family can also be the CEO of the company. Both in Turkey and the rest of the world, there are very good companies that have their entire management consisting of family members, except their independent board members. The main idea is to create a well-functioning, working board of management and senior management, and supporting staff.”

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