Future CPOs may have no procurement background

Businesses may find their future chief of procurement does not come from a buying background, CPOs were told.

Supply Management | October 11, 2019


The Supply Management article, "Future CPOs may have no procurement background," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Agnes Greaves on why companies are seeing traditional hierachies flatten as business models are reimagined to accomodate digital transformation. The article is excerpted below.

At a roundtable event in London, Agnes Greaves, MD at consultancy Russell Reynolds Associates, explained that companies are seeing traditional hierarchies flatten as business models are reimagined to accomodate digital transformation. 

One of the ways companies are adapting is to hire across functions to bring in new skills to address problem areas. However, hiring one person with a background in innovation is not going to have the desired effect if the business is not adapting as a whole. 

"You would be amazed at how non-digital some organisations are and what is needed to move along that curve. But many want to run too fast. We will again often have a company saying, 'Can we just hire somebody from Facebook or Google?'

"That's great from an innovation perspective, but the likelihood is that it will break too much glass in the process and the organisation won't be able to go on that journey with you," Greaves said. 

The event, called Today's Digital Landscape and the Impact on Managing Talent, was organised jointly between CIPS and Russell Reynolds Associates. 

During a discussion, CPOs discussed how digital transformation was impacting talent management.


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Future CPOs may have no procurement background