Five Lessons from Diversity and Inclusion #GameChangers


National Diversity Council | August 24, 2016

The National Diversity Council article, “Five Lessons from Diversity and Inclusion #GameChangers,” featured Russell Reynolds Associates' study, "Diversity and Inclusion #GameChangers." The article is excerpted below.​

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are top of mind for leaders across every industry and geographical region today. To gather first-hand insights and perspectives, Russell Reynolds Associates spoke with a number of leaders at companies known for their leading-edge approach to D&I. Our conversations with CEOs, chief diversity officers and other influential members of the leadership teams at these game-changing companies – the #GameChangers – revealed a number of insights:

  1. Create a sense of belonging.
    #GameChangers focus not only on hiring diverse talent and fostering an inclusive culture, but also on the end goal of “Belonging” – the extent to which employees feel they can be their authentic selves at work. #GameChanging companies recognize that, ultimately, if employees do not feel like they belong, efforts around D&I will fall short. They use an effective litmus test for gauging the success of their D&I policies: Will this make employees feel like they belong?

  2. Leverage diverse talent to meet business goals.
    #GameChangers see business sense in hiring and developing diverse talent. Our conversations repeatedly showed evidence of #GameChanging companies experiencing a better ability to serve customers, a higher level of innovation, and a more attractive employer brand.

  3. Think holistically and long-term.
    #GameChangers engage a broad spectrum of employees in D&I efforts, not just diverse individuals. Second, they tackle their own specific pain points, moving away from quick wins and a ‘checking the box’ mentality. Finally, they realize that hiring and developing diverse talent require an inclusive definition of “great talent.”

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Five Lessons from Diversity and Inclusion #GameChangers