Female leaders: the numbers still don’t add up


Les Echos | November 18, 2019

The Les Echos article, “Female leaders: the numbers still don’t add up,” featured the firm's paper, "France Governance Study 2019." The article is excerpted below.

With the Copé-Zimmermann Law, which set a quota in 2011 to increase the gender balance of boards, key French companies now find themselves in the first line of global feminization of management bodies, with over 45% participation of women on their boards. Six years later, the numbers still don’t add up. The Women's Forum will tackle once again the necessary means and measures for the development of leadership and the representation of women in the economy and in companies. For the time being, the Equal Pay Index has indirectly confirmed the difficult access of women to positions of responsibility; their numbers are low among the highest salaries. 


The focus on operational positions

An underlying trend will probably accelerate this movement: according to a survey by headhunter  Russell Reynolds, the ratio of women who occupy operational positions – leaning more to general management than functional or support positions  - is clearly on the rise. With being 2 percent better than a year ago, they represent more than one third this year.

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Female leaders: the numbers still don’t add up