Family Offices Turn to Private-Equity Firms in the Hunt for Talent

Family offices are structuring compensation to align personal and work goals for their investment staff

The Wall Street Journal | April 1, 2021

The Wall Street Journal article, "Family Offices Turn to Private-Equity Firms in the Hunt for Talent​," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jeff Warren on why private equity talent is moving to family offices. The article is excerpted below.

Family office investors in recent years have poured more money directly into private companies in the quest for higher returns and greater control over their investment portfolios.

Now, more of these private-investment firms are luring away private-equity talent, offering them a chance to manage their expanding portfolios and promising an improved work-life balance.

Executive recruiters say that searches among family office investors to recruit private-equity talent are increasing as more family offices seek to deploy more capital directly into private companies rather than solely through funds managed by outside firms.

More recently, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted an exodus of investment professionals from larger cities like New York, enabling more of them to appreciate the advantages of living and working in less expensive towns. That has made private-equity professionals more inclined to explore opportunities with family offices located outside of the big investing hubs, according to Jeff Warren, a managing director who co-heads the Americas private-equity practice at executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

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Family Offices Turn to Private-Equity Firms in the Hunt for Talent