Executive Job Market in Argentina: 2012 Outlook, a leading Latin American publication for senior executives, features Edgar Medinaceli on trends that will shape the Argentinian executive job market in 2012. See below for an English translation:

For Edgar Medinacelli, Area Manager for Russell Reynolds Associates' Buenos Aires office, the scenario of greater global uncertainty can have two possible consequences.

"If the crisis deepens and the global economy suffers, it is likely that many companies will restrict their hiring, a trend which Argentina cannot escape," he says. "But if the crisis has a shorter range, it may be that companies continue to seek opportunities for growth in emerging countries to offset the fall in core markets."

Medinaceli believes that if the latter scenario plays out, the executive market in Argentina could continue to show a good dynamism.

 In regards to sector performance:

Medinaceli of Russell Reynolds Associates, expects sectors associated with production, consumer goods and natural resources to continue to grow, albeit at lower rates with variations between sectors.

"The development of the crisis and the resolution of negotiations with the Paris Club will be the key factors that will determine the future course of banking and, therefore, the executive movements in this sector."

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Executive Job Market in Argentina: 2012 Outlook