Executive Assessment: How to Assess Top Performers

Dean Stamoulis Talks with Chief Executive

Chief Executive | December 15, 2011

Salaries are trailing inflation rate, yet the compensation and reward gaps between high performing and average performing employees continues to rise, according to George Nicholas from Chief Executive. So how do you determine top performers? To help answer this question, Nicholas spoke with Dean Stamoulis, global leader of the Executive Assessment Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates:​

The process used at Russell Reynolds’s Executive Assessment Practice can serve as a guide for determining employees’ tiers. Dean Stamoulis, global leader of the unit, describes its three-step process. It begins with interviews of the manager by an industry specialist and a behavioral psychologist, concurrently. That’s followed by the use of a set of assessment questionnaires, both standardized and proprietary. Then come 360° phone interviews.

​Learn more about Executive Assessment and how to assess and retain top performers.

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Executive Assessment: How to Assess Top Performers