Corporate Truism


Handelsblatt | February 23, 2020

The Handelsblatt article, “Corporate Truism,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Immo Futterlieb on the rise of family-friendly corporations. The article is excerpted below.

Germany’s companies are becoming “caring companies” – companies that increasingly take care of the needs of employees and their families.

“Applicants take a very close look at how family-friendly a company is,” says Immo Futterlieb, Managing Director at Russell Reynolds Associates. “For them, a caring company is a very attractive employer.”

An all-round carefree package is by no means unselfish. "Caring companies certainly don't do this for charitable purposes alone," says Futterlieb.

In light of 1.4 million vacancies, the pressure is high to find qualified specialists. For companies with a reputation of being a “caring company,” this should be easier. And if employees are fed with extra benefits, they will possibly stay longer.

Futterlieb says: “When managers can leave their kids in the company day care center around the corner and perhaps live in a company apartment, they will reflect three times whether to change employers and give up these benefits.”

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Corporate Truism