Companies With Tech Expertise on the Board See Higher Revenue Growth, MIT Study Finds


The Wall Street Journal | March 13, 2019


David Finke, a founder of Russell Reynolds Associates' digital transformation practice, said the global executive-search firm is actively involved in board director searches across “virtually every industry sector” and that fluency in emerging and disruptive technology is deemed an essential capability.

“To the extent the board is responsible to review, advise on and ultimately approve a company’s strategy, technology is an ever-more critical dimension to be considered,” he said. He added that tech-savvy directors can provide the same mentorship and thought partnership to the CIO as the audit committee chair does for the chief financial officer.

“A strong CIO can gain tremendous benefit by having technology-savvy directors on the board, because those directors appreciate and can lend insight on the challenges and opportunities presented by technology disruption and innovation,” Mr. Finke said.

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