CEOs better watch out. The search for new talent has begun


NeoFeed | April 28, 2020

The NeoFeed article, "CEOs better watch out. The search for new talent has begun," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Fernando Machado on the importance of leaders' abilities to live out their company values and quickly adapt to new circumstances. An article excerpt translated from its original Portuguese can be found below.

Two months after the onset of its global climb, Covid-19 remains very unclear and has almost no answer. One certainty, however, guides any projection made about the pandemic: the world will never be the same again. Nor will be what is expected of CEOs who run top companies.

The crisis has turned digital channels into an outlet for much of the business, and such intense migration is paving the way for expanding the use of many of these tools.

"We're not referring to anything revolutionary and to completely new skills," says Fernando Machado, a partner and consultant with U.S. recruitment consulting firm Russell Reynolds. "These are issues that were already on the table, but which are now being expedited by the pandemic."

With this, the ability to navigate and lead companies in the digital universe is one of the skills that will gain importance after the pandemic. "Executives will need to have greater digital fluency," says Machado.

Among these skills, experts point to issues such as flexibility and agility to quickly adapt management and the business model to the adversities of the pandemic. As well as the ability to communicate with transparency and engage their respective teams at all levels of the company.

On the other hand, some are slipping on these and other fronts. "The crisis will distinguish the leaders who are actually aligned with the values that appear on the walls of the companies," says Machado at Russell Reynolds.

For the Russell Reynolds partner, Covid-19 will make empathy another requirement and adds: "If it is not clear that this executive behaved like a leader and set an example during the crisis, it will be much harder to engage employees in the recovery," says Machado. "And, surely, this CEO will be reevaluated in this latter moment."

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CEOs better watch out. The search for new talent has begun