CEO Outlook 2017

Heading into 2017, Chief Executive asked business leaders from across industries and the nation for a gut check on today’s operating environment and their hopes and fears for the year ahead. Here’s what they had to say.

Chief Executive | November 15, 2016

The Chief Executive article, “CEO Outlook 2017,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy about his outlook for 2017. The article is excerpted below.

America’s CEOs are sending three messages as they head into 2017:

  • They’re wary about the course of the U.S. economy no matter the White House occupant.

  • They’re concerned about the uncertainties created by issues such as regulatory over-reach and geopolitical volatility.

  • And they’re even more worried about the sure things of the new year, which they see as more terrorism and cybercrime.

In fact, the 17 diverse CEOs surveyed by Chief Executive about their outlooks for the new year collectively fear that the completion of a nasty political season won’t salve many of the substantial doubts they have for their companies, their industries and the American economy as 2017 unfolds. Several of our interviewees expressed apprehension about both business investment and consumer sentiment and spending.


Clarke Murphy, CEO of executive-search titan Russell Reynolds, also sees heightened demand as boards continue to seek great leaders to take them into an uncertain 2017. “If someone can grow revenue faster, be more agile in adapting their company to a changing world, or take a longer-term horizon for a family business, [boards] want that person,” Murphy says. “That’s separate from any economic decision. So the people business is a good business.”


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CEO Outlook 2017