Building a Robust C-Suite


Times of India | August 30, 2017

The Times of India published a bylined article by Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Sachin Rajan on “Building a Robust C-Suite.” He explained that to stay robust, the all-star C-suite team needs to be more agile, smarter and adaptable –  shaping like a team of spirited chameleons, unafraid to span between their own creative extremes to succeed. The article is excerpted below.​

Mick Jagger, front-man of the Rolling Stones could be considered the longest serving CEO of the most prolific rock band. Jagger’s role as boss, has involved herding some of the most creative, unpredictable cats in the business. Conventional business logic suggests that this would call for a calm, stabilizing style of leadership. But this is where conventional wisdom has started to unravel. He brings a spectrum of behaviors ranging from reckless, hell-raising, to being regarded as one of the most calm, astute commercial brains in the business. In other words, the same individual known for his "rebel" image, is also the driving force behind the very reinvention of the business model of the band 

The Indian corporate C-suite is no different. There is little doubt that tomorrow’s CEO and CXOs will need to be more agile, smarter and adaptable. Take some of the following characteristics that are likely to challenge the C-suite of our corporate world in the coming years.

The Boss as the Parent - from a long past culture where managers were “feared”, leaders will place employee happiness and wellness front and center, enabling them to be maximally productive. A compassionate leadership style will demand capability and contribution, but also continually test for the emotional, and in future, possibly spiritual, temperature of the team.

Comfort with Conflict - a new culture that celebrates diversity will throw up all nature of conflicting ideas and approaches. Fostering this, while ensuring that the conflict is constructive, will take secure and strong leadership. Harnessing the collective power of a hundred “authentic selves” at work will call for new operating mechanisms and communication models.

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Building a Robust C-Suite