Australia "over-boarded" and slow on diversity

Less meetings would make it easier to attract more international people, says Russell Reynolds boss.  

The Australian | February 27, 2020

The Australian article, “Australia ‘over-boarded’ and slow on diversity”, quoted Russell Reynolds Associates CEO Clarke Murphy on Australian boards being slow to react to best practices changes. The article is excerpted below.

In an interview with The Australian, Murphy said on issues such as independent chairs, Australia was up with the UK as leading the world, but had “reacted slowly to best practice on issues like diversity, the role of the chair and operational performance.”

“Australia is over-boarded,” he added, by which, he means there are too many people on too many boards.

“It is difficult to be effective operating on more than two boards and it is difficult to be chair of two companies,” he added.

Big company boards in Australia tend to meet nine or 10 times a year, whereas their US peers meet less often, at around six times a year.

Russell Reynolds argues less meetings would make it easier to be more diverse by attracting more international people.

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Australia "over-boarded" and slow on diversity