Asset & Wealth Management - Emerging Markets War for Talent and 2012 Hiring Outlook

Amanda Foster Speaks to the Financial Times

December 12, 2011

Sophia Grene from the Financial Times speaks with Amanda Foster, Managing Director of the Russell Reynolds Associates' Asset & Wealth Management practice, about the 2011 Asset & Wealth Management Leadership Trends and Compensation Report.

In the article, 'Emerging markets the place to be for big pay', Grene extracts key trends from the report, including:

  • Talent in the Emerging markets are commanding a premium and becoming increasingly mobile:

Emerging markets are becoming heated markets, says the report, “fuelling an intense war for talent which is driving excessive compensation and a lack of employee loyalty”.

  • Sales and Marketing executives are set to benefit in terms of performance rewards:

Apart from emerging markets investors, distribution and marketing professionals are most likely to see rewards for performance. In an environment with limited asset flows, people who can maintain market share or bring in new clients are especially valuable, says Ms Foster.

  • There is a relatively positive outlook for 2012 Asset & Wealth Management hiring:

Nearly four in 10 (39 per cent) of survey respondents say their workforces are likely to increase in 2012, with just 17 per cent planning to cut jobs.

“Many firms are using this period to grow their marketing and distribution capabilities, strengthen risk management and transparency, and develop products that distinguish them in the marketplace,” says Ms Foster.

The full article is available at and the Russell Reynolds Associates' Asset & Wealth Management reports can be accessed below:

Part One: 2011 Asset & Wealth Management Leadership Trends

Part Two: 2011 Asset & Wealth Management Compensation Survey

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Asset & Wealth Management - Emerging Markets War for Talent and 2012 Hiring Outlook