As Big Tech Enters Healthcare, Payers Feel Heat On Recruiting Talent


Financial Times | November 4, 2019

Financial Times' Health Payer Specialist published the article, "As Big Tech Enters Healthcare, Payers Feel Heat On Recruiting Talent," featuring Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Mindy Kairey on best practices for health insurers looking to recruit new talent. The article is excerpted below.

The changes rocking healthcare – from Amazon’s forays into the industry to payers’ acquisition of providers – is impacting health payers’ hiring and retention of talent like never before.

“Employees get intrigued, they get calls. There’s high, high demand for really exceptional talent. They’re more likely to respond,” says Mindy Kairey , a consultant in the healthcare practice of Russell Reynolds Associates, an executive search firm based in New York City.


For health insurers who are looking to bring in fresh talent, “the engagement strategy starts with the recruiting process,” Kairey advises. “Show your best self.”

To be competitive, health insurers need to be “highly responsive” and not drag the hiring process out for months, she says. Companies such as Google and Amazon “move at lightning speed” when it comes to recruiting and hiring, according to Kairey.

When recruiting top talent, insurers need to show themselves as being “nimble, interested, responsive and caring,” she says.

Payers also need to understand why an employee from another field might be interested in making the move to the health insurance industry, Kairey says. “It’s not about compensation. Identify and understand what motivates an individual, what gets them excited, what challenges them.”


A strong engagement strategy is also important when it comes to retaining top talent, Kairey says.

Employees want to feel valued, and changes that might be relatively simple to implement, such as reducing the amount of corporate travel or increasing the opportunities to work from home, can make a difference, she says.

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As Big Tech Enters Healthcare, Payers Feel Heat On Recruiting Talent