An irrational, emotive bias

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Why have racial issues surfaced of late? How can businesses reduce racial divides at the workplace?

The Business Times | July 19, 2021

The Business Times article, “An irrational, emotive bias,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Anupama Puranik​ on the need to embrace diversity in the workplace. The article is excerpted below.

Anupama Puranik

Managing Director

Russell Reynolds Associates Singapore

The larger push from society demanding better treatment for themselves and their environment has driven businesses to take a hard look at their approach to encourage diversity in the workplace. Diversity has a direct benefit to business success, and not just reputationally. Business leaders must acknowledge that ethnically diverse teams tend to improve innovation-led revenue and have proven to outperform homogeneous ones.

Business leaders should strive to create a working environment that does not merely compel its token minorities to assimilate into the firm's existing culture, but actively embraces diverse perspectives and commits to an evolution of its own culture and vision so that it may ultimately reap the long-run benefits of a diverse team.

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An irrational, emotive bias