Advancement Trailblazers: Recruiting Mission and Purpose Driven Leaders


Hunt Scanlon | December 28, 2016

The Hunt Scanlon article, “Advancement Trailblazers: Recruiting Mission and Purpose Driven Leaders," recognized our Non-Profit and Higher Education Practices in Hunt Scanlon's Top 50 Non-Profit & Higher Education Search Firms. The article is excerpted below.​

An extension of development and fundraising in academic and non-profit organizations, ‘advancement’ leadership represents not only a change in the wording, but also in the skill set that is now required at the highest levels of these leading institutions.

In recent years, both sectors have shifted toward more integrated models of collaboration between communications, marketing, branding and development. To keep up, incoming leaders have brought along skill sets from the for-profit sector, including strategic planning, financial & operational expertise, and people management proficiency.

A Higher Calling

But when it comes to delivering on some of the more immeasurable goals of organizations within these two sectors, leaders who bring passion and purpose for a mission seem to be the ones winning more of these highly coveted top jobs. Managing the heightened demand are executive recruiters. Once considered an afterthought
or adjunct service at larger search firms, recruiting for educational institutions and non-profits is now viewed as one of the most expansive sectors providing serious career paths for top industry leaders. As a result, it is now big business for search outfits, notably boutiques that specialize.

In academia, presidents and chancellors are selected from a broad-range of areas, but most have come from the corporate world. Now, as the call for mission-driven leaders rises, candidates are surfacing from some of the unlikeliest of places, including the military and religious communities, among others, where passion seems to be a part of their built-in DNA.

Hunt Scanlon Top 50
Non-Profit & Higher Education Search Firms
Russell Reynolds Associates
Simon Kingston; Mary Tydings (Non-Profit/Higher Education)

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Advancement Trailblazers: Recruiting Mission and Purpose Driven Leaders