A Needle in the Haystack


Best's Review | May 1, 2017

The Best's Review article, “A Needle in the Haystack,” interviewed Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Limore Zilberman about how to attain the right Chief Digital Officer. The article is excerpted below.

A chief digital officer can hold the keys to an insurer's future. But finding an individual with the right skill set can be a tall order to fill.

Chief digital officers are change agents who need to understand a little about a lot. For those working in the insurance industry, they not only need to understand technology, but insurance, customer expectations and the organization's internal politics, according to consultants, executive search firms and recruiters.


CDO candidates want to understand what a company is trying to solve for and ensure that it's mapped back to customers' behaviors and needs, said Limore Zilberman, a consultant with Russell Reynolds Associates, a global executive search and leadership advisory firm.

"Instead of it being driven from the inside out, it needs to be driven from the outside in," Zilberman said. "The right organizational structure needs to be driven by this systematic review of how companies digitally enable every touch point with the customer through an entire experience.

"That's sometimes the table stakes to get the best digital talent interested in the role," she said. "They want to ensure they're going to an organization that focuses on integrating front-end and back-end capabilities."


Industries such as retail banking, consumer financial services and health care are breeding grounds for digital executive talent, Zilberman said. "We've had much success recruiting from those sectors. [Candidates] come in with an appreciation for and understanding of a very heavily regulated industry and a risk management mentality."

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A Needle in the Haystack