A Look Ahead at Management: It’s About to Get Harder


AMA American Management Association | September 8, 2017

AMA (American Management Association) published a bylined article by Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Dean Stamoulis​ titled, “A Look Ahead at Management: It’s About to Get Harder.” He looks at five managements trends: role shaping and customization; growing tensions between data and soft skills; the rise of the agile specialist; egalitarianism in the C-suite; the move from bosses to caretakers. The article is excerpted below.​

Over the last few decades, organizations have slowly transitioned from promoting employees based solely on technical ability to recognizing the critical importance of soft skills. For many managers, even those who are successful in the management role, this transition has been a difficult one.

Unfortunately, according to research my team and I recently conducted, the next five years are going to get even harder. We interviewed 30 executives and thought leaders from around the world representing both emerging and established organizations. They came from industry, academia, and professional services.

These executives were aligned on the emerging trends that will redefine how we structure our organizations, change what we expect of our leaders, and ultimately require a completely new approach to management and leadership.

Trends affecting the management role

Accommodating all these changes may be good for the organization, but they will certainly make managers’ jobs harder in the near term. Here are five of the trends:

Role shaping and customization. We are growing used to everything being tailored to our own personal needs. Many experts see existing management and leadership roles evolving to become more individualized and suited to a person’s specific strengths.

Although many titles may remain similar, role individualization will likely lead each leadership role (and roles in general) away from rigid job descriptions and toward work that better aligns individual strengths with organizational needs.

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A Look Ahead at Management: It’s About to Get Harder