A Digital Dozen: 12 Traits Of The Truly Creative CMO | July 25, 2016

The article, “A Digital Dozen: 12 Traits Of The Truly Creative CMO,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates' Norm Yustin about how CMOs need to have a strong team with all skillsets. The article is excerpted below.

The rise of data-driven marketing might seem to suggest a corresponding decline in the value of the creative marketing leader.

However, the skills and capabilities that creative marketers possess can serve them well in new ways as they navigate today’s highly competitive and quickly evolving marketplace.


Norm Yustin, a senior leader in the global retail, marketing, and digital transformation practices at Russell Reynolds Associates, has seen several analytically minded CMOs hire chief creative officers as their direct reports in recent years. “Conversely, it would behoove the more creatively driven CMOs to ensure they have a strong No. 2 who is data-driven,” Yustin said.

Otherwise, these CMOs may see their data gap being filled for them by new chief growth officers, chief revenue officers, and chief digital officers. “CMOs who surround themselves with people who can dig into this data and translate it so creative thinkers can make strategic decisions based on data points are going to rise to the top,” said Hank Summy, partner with LiquidHub.

Creative CMOs also will have to get imaginative in how they recruit, retain, and inspire their team of experts. “The skills that make someone a great PR leader capable of spinning up the next big story are entirely different from the visual designer who’s going to create a killer new website, which is different than the marketing ops ace who’s going to implement the latest campaign attribution technology,” said Scott Holden, CMO for ThoughtSpot. “CMOs need to tailor their management styles to lead and inspire a diverse group of marketers to be their best.”

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A Digital Dozen: 12 Traits Of The Truly Creative CMO