4 Tips For Outside Counsel Making The Move In-House


Law360 | June 16, 2017

The Law360 article, “4 Tips For Outside Counsel Making The Move In-House,” quotes Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Cynthia Dow about the legal work that is being done in-house. The article is excerpted below. 

Seasoned attorneys looking to make a move in-house should consider that the skills they have spent years cultivating in law firms may not translate to success and can even work to their disadvantage in a company environment.

Attorneys who fail to broaden beyond the strictly lawyerly set of skills that have served them in good stead since law school may fizzle out in an in-house role, according to several current and former senior in-house lawyers, recruiters and consultants.


Expect to Put In the Hours

One prominent misconception that experts and attorneys want to put to bed is the notion that moving in-house will bring about a significant shift in work-life balance.


Moreover, changes in the legal industry as well as the expansion of corporations’ global footprints, ramped-up regulation and the explosion of technology have done much to ensure that legal departments are on call around the clock and handling more of their own litigation.

“There’s been a shift in the quality, caliber, complexity and richness of the work that is done in-house,” Cynthia Dow of executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates said.

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4 Tips For Outside Counsel Making The Move In-House