4 of the biggest mistakes a CEO can make


CNN Business | July 31, 2019

CNN Business published the article, "4 of the biggest mistakes a CEO can make," that quotes Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Steve Morse on why CEOs should spend time on the frontlines of their businesses. The article is excerpted below.

CEOs may be successful, but they're also human. And being human means making mistakes.

Some mistakes that a chief executive can make, however, are worse than others. They can doom the CEO's strategy, damage the company, waste resources or needlessly create new problems or ill will.
1. Taking too long to fire a direct report
2. Losing touch with front-line employees
Plus, as companies become more decentralized, innovation often happens in the field, said Steve Morse, a senior member of the board and CEO advisory practice at Russell Reynolds Associates.

Morse recommends CEOs spend a lot of time in the field in their first 18 months. What's more, the CEO and all team managers must actively foster an open culture that welcomes ideas and criticism from employees. And they should have a system -- including surveys -- by which to regularly collect and communicate that information to the corner office.

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4 of the biggest mistakes a CEO can make