10 ways men can help close the gender gap for female coworkers

Even if you’re not a manager, these are easy things you can do to make your office more equitable for women.

Fast Company | October 28, 2019

The Fast Company article, "10 ways men can help close the gender gap for female coworkers," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Mercedes LeGrand on the importance of always giving constructive feedback. The article is excerpted below.

Last month, a number of female writers, producers, and assistants started using the hashtag #NotWorthLess to share their experiences being paid less than their male counterparts. Amid the many tweets, Fox’s Family Guy writer Patrick Meighan posted a message of his own, calling for men in the entertainment industry to take a more active stand in fighting for equality.

It’s a good reminder that, no matter your job, if you’re a man, there are simple things that you can do to help close the gender gap.


2. Deliver Honest Feedback

Don’t pull punches when giving feedback to women and minorities, says Mercedes LeGrand, a consultant at executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

“In my work, I find that a lot of times people are nervous about being perceived to be discouraging these groups,” she says. “This has the unintended consequence of denying them legitimate learning opportunities, which their nonminority peers benefit from.”

Overcoming challenges, considering painful feedback, and triumphing over areas of weakness make us all better, says LeGrand. “We need advice and sometimes even criticism to become better,” she says. “Be brave, rise above the awkwardness, give constructive feedback.”

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10 ways men can help close the gender gap for female coworkers