Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: A Leader's Guide to Europe


The evidence for the value of diversity is growing. Russell Reynolds Associates research finds firms with advanced D&I strategies are roughly 30 percent more likely to have executives who report high levels of loyalty, innovation and performance.1

Increasingly, we see this message starting to resonate at an individual level for leaders. In our 2019 D&I Pulse survey, we asked 573 executives in Europe about their perceptions and experiences of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A full 70 percent of executives in Europe say it is clear to them personally how diversity and inclusion will improve the performance of their organizations.


Despite this positive momentum, many organizations need to make further investments– both financial and cultural– in their diversity and inclusion efforts to realize full value from them.

Many organizations still lack a coordinated approach to diversity and inclusion:
Diversity and Incusion Strategy Chart

33% have no diversity and inclusion strategy

63% of companies in Europe have a diversity and inclusion strategy

4% Don't know

Dedicated diversity and inclusion leadership is important yet rare:

Lack of a chief diversity officer is one of the top five barriers to effective D&I strategy in Europe

Yet, just 34% of the S&P Europe 3502 have a chief diversity officer or equivalent

Building meaningful diversity continues to be a challenge in Europe:

28% of European executives acknowledge diverse talent has le their organization due to lack of inclusion

Women are 42% more likely to report this problem than men – one of many indications that underrepresented groups are more likely to feel excluded than others

Companies in Europe generally agree on the importance of diversity and inclusion, but they are failing to sufficiently invest in it.

This report offers a data-driven view of the experiences and perceptions of executives in Europe. It gives leaders:
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A snapshot of current diversity and inclusion efforts in Europe