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Demystifying the Market for Executive Talent in Asia


by CEB and Russell Reynolds Associates

Asia sits in the driver’s seat of the world’s economic growth and will continue to for the foreseeable future. The picture is staggering: between now and 2030, the emerging markets from Asia are expected to grow twice as fast as the advanced economies. But beneath the headlines, Asia’s dynamic and fiercely competitive environment presents formidable growth challenges for companies. Fast-growing, connected domestic firms pose a rising competitive threat to western multinational companies (WMNCs) but urgently need new leaders to grow beyond Asia. WMNCs’ regional leaders, on the other hand, struggle to navigate less familiar local markets and deal with the constraints of their complex companies fast enough to keep pace.

Firms require uninterrupted leadership capabilities that will position their businesses to win in Asia—in the short and long run. But leader turnover is significantly higher in Asia than the rest of the world. And, a majority of global business leaders cite senior management turnover in Asia as a key risk to achieving business growth.

To help firms advance their abilities to find (and retain) leaders in Asia, Russell Reynolds Associates, the premier provider of senior-level executive search and assessment, in partnership with CEB, the leading global member-based advisory firm, presents Demystifying the Market for Executive Talent in Asia.

Our survey of more than 1,000 Asia CEOs, general managers, country heads, and functional leads provides a new window into the market for executive talent in Asia.

Demystifying the Market for Executive Talent in Asia answers three key questions:

  • What are the market realities for executive talent in Asia?
  • What do Asia-based executives most want in an employment offer?
  • How willing are Asia-based executives to move across regions and functions?

We sincerely hope this study will help you attract and retain the leaders you need to achieve sustainable growth in Asia—now and in the future.

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